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Evergreen Attic Cleaning Service

You may not understand the importance of keeping your attic clean until you notice pests in your home, unpleasant smells from the attic and of course, unnecessarily high utility expenses. Whenever you need your attic cleaned up, Evergreen Attic Insulation is always at your service. We can help you clean up your attic and restore it to a safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient state.

Why Should You Clean Your Attic?

The walls and ceiling of your attic typically have cracks and holes in them that let in rainwater, dust, insects and other pests. As dust and moisture begin to build up in your attic, mold and mildew may begin to grow, attracting rodents and other pests. In addition to the pest infestation problem which poses a health and safety hazard to the indoor air quality, the moisture also dampens the insulation, reducing its energy efficiency. If you haven’t cleaned your attic in a long while or you are noticing the above-mentioned signs of neglect, then you should call a professional attic cleaning service like Evergreen Attic Insulation to help you fix the problem.

Our Attic Cleaning Service

We offer powerful attic cleaning services that will take care of every attic problem you may be dealing with. From rodents to animal fecal matter to unwanted items and any other material present that you do not want up there. We will also decontaminate and sanitize every surface in the attic when we are done with the clean up to discourage pest infestation shortly. Our technicians are particular about leaving your home cleaner than we met it so when they are finished with the attic, they will thoroughly clean up the work area to ensure that it is clean and spotless. All materials removed to the attic will be disposed of by our technicians so you do not have to worry about dealing with the waste.

Contact Evergreen Attic Insulation

When we are done cleaning up, we guarantee that your attic will be in a flawless condition. Call Evergreen Attic Insulation at (888) 396-7071 if you want your attic returned to a cleaner and safer space.

Evergreen Attic Insulation.

Do you experience high temperatures in your attic that cause discomfort in the rest of the home? Then you might want to consider doing something about your attic insulation.