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Evergreen Attic Insulation Removal Service

The fact that you have insulation in your attic does not mean you are enjoying the benefits of attic insulation. If the insulation in your attic is old, chances are they are no longer as effective as they used to be at sealing the attic and regulating the temperature and as such, will need to be replaced. Dirty insulation will also need to be removed as well as they can attract pests like rodents which will, in turn, contaminate the insulation material resulting in an unhealthy and safe home. If the insulation in your home is dirty or old, then its best you have it removed to avoid high energy bills and protect your home from rodents and other pests.

Our Insulation Removal Services

At Evergreen Attic Insulation, we offer efficient attic insulation removal services to help you get rid of old or dirty insulation material in your home. Our technicians use specialized high-powered insulation removal vacuum to suck out the insulation material. In addition to the insulation material, dust and debris collected over time are also sucked up to leave a clean and free space. The materials will be collected in custom-designed filter bags and carried outside your home where they will be properly disposed of.

Let Us Handle Your Removal Needs

Do not try to remove your attic insulation on your own. Apart from the fact that you may not have the proper equipment and protective gear to do this, it is not safe and you might end up doing more harm than good. For instance, with pest-infested insulation material, in the process of trying to remove the material, you can stir up fecal matter and dust which often come with airborne pathogens that can cause diseases. Your attic is also a potentially dangerous place to walk around as you can accidentally slip and fall through the ceiling and sustain serious injuries. In some cases, such falls might even be fatal. That is why you should leave your artic insulation removal to the pros. At Evergreen, our technicians have the expertise and appropriate equipment needed to do a great job without causing harm to anyone or your property.

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Whenever you need attic insulation, there is just one phone number that will provide you with efficient and excellent attic insulation service. Call Evergreen Attic Insulation at (888) 396-7071 for outstanding attic insulation removal.

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Do you experience high temperatures in your attic that cause discomfort in the rest of the home? Then you might want to consider doing something about your attic insulation.