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The attic is typically a warm space and as most animals enjoy the warmth, it is no surprise that the attic presents itself as an inviting and comfortable living space for them. Rodents, bats, birds and even larger animals like raccoons, feral cats, otters, and opossums are some of the animals that may be found in attics and crawl space areas. However, rodents remain the most common of all. If your attic has been infested by rodents, then it is necessary to get them out as quickly as possible before they begin to breed and wreak havoc to your home. At, Evergreen Attic Insulation, our rodent control service can help you remove the rodents inhabiting your attic and crawl space and also put protective measures in place to avoid rodent infiltration in the future.

Effects of Rodents in The Attic

Having rodents in your attic and crawl space can be quite an unpleasant experience. They can chew up the insulation material rendering it less effective, chew holes in electrical wires, air ducts, floorboards and even the wood that supports the roofing material. Anything these rodents have their teeth on can be gnawed upon. Beyond their damaging eating habits, they also pose a health risk as their fecal matter which will likely be defecated all over the attic and crawl space can cause respiratory problems when breathed in not to mention the bad odor from the droppings which may be carried into the house. So, to extend the lifespan of your attic insulation and roofing material and for health and safety reasons as well, it is best to check rodent infestation once you notice it.

Our Rodent Control Service

Rodents are fast-breeding animals so their population increases at a very rapid rate. As such, it is best to get them eradicated as quickly as possible before they before too many and cause more severe damages. At Evergreen Attic Insulation, we have experienced rodent control specialists who can remove these animals from your attic and make your home yours and yours alone. They will start by inspecting the attic for signs of infestation like rodent fecal droppings. Our attic clean up team will handle the cleaning up of the attic and crawl space areas to clean and decontaminate the area. The technicians will then proceed to rodent-proof your house by locating and sealing up all openings including vents, cracks, gaps, and holes that may grant them entry into the attic. With our rodent control services rodent infestation, we guarantee that you will not have to worry about rodent infestation again.

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When you need rodent control service, always remember that our technicians are experts in the business with the knowledge of where to look and what to do. Call Evergreen Attic Insulation at (888) 396-7071 and let’s help you keep out the rodents.

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