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It is necessary to ensure that your attic is always well ventilated and while adding new vents in the attic can pretty much solve the problem of inadequate attic ventilation, one of the best ways of ensuring effective ventilation in the attic is by installing attic fans. Attic fans are thermostat-controlled fans designed to regulate the temperature of the attic of a house and because of being controlled by a thermostat, they do not work unless the thermostat reads unusually high temperatures in the attic. They can be installed on the attic walls or the slope of the roof, depending on the structure of the building and your unique preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Attic Fans?

Attic fans provide a wide range of advantages to homeowners and are a beneficial addition to every home. The fan helps to control the temperature of the attic and subsequently the entire home by regulating the airflow to keep the attic at a cool and comfortable temperature. Also, with a cooler attic, your cooling system has less work to do to keep the house cooled meaning you will not have to spend as much as usual on your energy bills. By it’s working mechanism of circulating the air in the attic, the attic fan can help to remove the hot air in the attic, prevent moisture build-up and mold growth all of which can damage the insulation material in your attic as well as the structure of the roof. So, by simply installing the attic fan, you can extend the life span of your attic insulation and roofing material, increase energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Our Fan Installation Service

Because attic fans are relatively low-priced, they make a pretty good investment. If you need to install one, do not fail to call Evergreen Attic Insulation. When you contract our attic fan installation service, our technicians will start by inspecting your attic to examine the area, taking in the number of vents, the roof’s structure, and design as well as the location of the house to determine the best type of attic fan for your home. Our experienced technicians know all there is to know about attic fans so you can be certain your attic is in capable hands.

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We are always here to help you without any attic fan installation needs you may have. Call Evergreen Attic Insulation at (888) 396-7071 for exceptional attic fan installation service you can trust.

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